Collaboration and Connectivity: Where Do Good Ideas Come From ?

In three of my previous posts, I have written about the process of collaboration with other creative individuals to build Last Call for Caviar’s website, and produce the book’s publicity trailers. While defining the artistic vision, and the actual writing of a novel is a solitary endeavor for most authors, once the manuscript is completed, an author needs to work with like-minded creative individuals to edit and shape their work for publication .Collaboration is one of the essential ingredients in any creative or artistic success. Another essential ingredient is connectivity.

Connectivity is the underlying theme in everything from creative design and internet-marketing buzz to even science, and life, as we know it. It is the cornerstone upon which physicists and string-theorists to philosophers and meta-physicists base their understanding of the creation of our universe. It’s a part of the atoms in our DNA, as it is for all sentient and non-sentient beings under creation, from dying stars and planets down to the smallest tree or stone.

Imagination, the ability to solve problems creatively, and the human subconsciousness, all play roles in the incubation of good ideas.

Steven Johnson, the author of Where Do Good Ideas Come From, explains this process so very elegantly in his book’s trailer.

Many of you, (almost three million views on You Tube) may already have seen this eloquent trailer. But it’s worth taking another look…




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