What Would You Be Willing To Sacrifice To Survive?

The End is Near
Welcome To The Mad House

“Last night, when I heard the guns booming and saw the explosions to the west, it seemed as though the voice of a messenger rode the night winds and tolled the approach of Armageddon across the skies. The menace is so close now, it seemed as though the gates to hell yawned.

I know the risks...how crazy it sounds. But at the end of the world, why am I supposed to act rationally? This is what I want. This is what I have to do.”

“It’s not only in America that society is descending into anarchy and Mother Nature is plotting her revenge. Chaos has overwhelmed most of the world, like a tsunami leaving in its wake pockets of humanity strewn along the shore.

Welcome to the Madhouse. Welcome to the year 2018.”