Sample Chapter from Last Call For Caviar

Last Call For Caviar Preview - Chapter 6 Joesexy
Chapter 6: Joesexy

Sample Chapter from Maya Rising

Maya Rising Preview - Chapter 7 Fly Me To The Moon
Chapter 7: Fly Me To The Moon


Last Call For Caviar

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Selected by Kirkus Review’s editors to be a featured Indie book in February 15, 2016 issue of Kirkus Reviews magazine. — Kirkus Review

“Roen creates an arresting pastiche of apocalyptic fiction and erotic romance that’s anchored by a strong heroine. It’s depiction of a futuristic Cote d’Azur on the brink of anarchy is particularly striking. A fast-paced thriller featuring exotic locales and an intriguing cast of characters.” — Kirkus Review

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“Last Call for Caviar is a guilty pleasure for any reader. It introduces readers to an epic fight for love and humanity. The imagery and decadence used to describe the setting made me feel as though I was there. You can almost smell the money towards the beginning of the book and the despair at the end as their world begins to crumble further. The author could have gone just with the end of days story and written a fine book. However, the sensuality and adventure of the book is what sets it apart from other novels. If you want to be exposed to a world of wealth, tragedy and love, Last Call for Caviar is a great read.” — Pacific Book Review (4 Stars)

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“Last Call for Caviar unravels in Cap d’Ail, France in the year 2018 as readers are presented with Maya Jade’s journals a hundred years after almost half of mankind perished as foretold in the Hopi Prophecy. Last Call for Caviar has a cast of colorful characters each of them with interesting stories to tell as they try to avoid the inescapable doom. Witty, fashionable and imaginative, this is a dystopian novel that is simply hard to put down.” — Maria Beltran for Readers’ Favorites (5 Stars)

“Last Call for Caviar by Melissa Roen is a dystopian novel of great strength and beauty. When a novel like this is done well it is believable enough to frighten you and this novel was done very well indeed. I enjoyed the lyrical writing, exotic settings and most of all the strong, independent, but sometimes vulnerable main character. A great read.” — Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorites (4 Stars)

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“Intense action, gut-wrenching drama, sensual and haunting sizzle, well-placed comedy and the type of sci fi fantasy that makes you think Could this really happen?” — Manhattan Book Review (4.5 Stars)

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“Roen is a skillful writer who deftly juggles suspense, sadness and sensuality. If you like your Armageddon chic, classy, but definitely not chaste, this last call’s for you.” — US Review of Books

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Maya Rising

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Selected by Kirkus Review editors as a featured Indie review in April, 1, 2016 issue of Kirkus Reviews Magazine. — Kirkus Romance Recommendation

“A vividly-imagined dark dystopian fantasy complete with passionate romance and dangerous alliances. An intrepid pair has survived the apocalypse, but worse is yet to come in Roen’s sequel to Last Call for Caviar.” — Kirkus Review

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“In a world divided by the atrocities of war, it is matters of the heart that almost bring down our heroine, Maya, in this fast-moving and suspenseful sequel to Last Call for Caviar. While the world is more dangerous and hopeless, the sex is more passionate and alive. Maya Rising is a sensual, erotic read that doesn’t disappoint.” — Pacific Book Review (4 Stars)

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“Roen did a fantastic job of creating a scary world that is all too plausible in its reality. Maya is kick-butt kind of heroine that a lot of readers will get behind. She’s a different girl from the one she was when she started this journey, and she isn’t about to give up just because the world has gone crazy around her. I wanted her to get the happiness she deserved and for things to work out for her. That level of empathy for a character is remarkable and makes me applaud Roen for a fine job of making her characters come to life.” — JJ Philips for Readers’ Favorites (5 Stars)

“Maya Rising is a sizzling steamy story with action, adventure and intrigue. Maya Rising is a survival tale, but hope is also encountered in the story’s pages. I love the way this story was told. It is dark and scary at times, funny and witty when comic relief is needed, and sweet and sappy just when I’ve had too much darkness.” — Anna Smith for Readers’ Favorites (5 Stars)

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“A fast-paced whirlwind of adventure. This sequel to Last Call for Caviar is equally as delicious as the first installment.” — Manhattan Book Review (4.5 Stars)

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“Roen has grown in her craft, filling Maya Rising with tighter writing and raised stakes. A.n apocalyptic thriller that is sure to keep fans of Last Call for Caviar at the edge of their seats and hungry for more.” — San Francisco Book Review

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