MOVIE TRAILER 101: The Making of the Book Trailer for Last Call for Caviar

Here’s an article from the blog, MOVIE TRAILERS 101, by Frederick L. Greene, visiting professor at U.C.L.A. FILM SCHOOL. In this blog post, Fred discusses the making of the book trailer for LAST CALL FOR CAVIAR.

It was an awesome, and very educational experience, to be able to collaborate with such a talented and professional creative team.

Please check out the blog MOVIE TRAILERS 101 on the link below. ...Read More

Talented Friends: Michelle Lombardi


I was lucky to have the very talented, beautiful, and in-demand actress, Michelle Lombardi–her screen credits include appearances on Entourage, and Californication– portray the main protaganist of Last Call for Caviar, Maya Jade, in my novel’s trailer. She is also the narrator in the trailer, which you can check out on Last Call for Caviar’s You Tube channel.

She has recently acted in a big-budget music video by the band, Amberlin, which is beyond cool. ...Read More

How to put sexy back into reading books.

In our visual, short attention span, three-second-sound-bite world, many people find reading a book just takes too darn long.They’d rather wait for the movie….

The ladies of the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society have found a way to celebrate the pleasures of a good book, hang out with friends, and catch some Vitamin D at the same time..

Talk about multi-tasking– they rock it ! ...Read More

Ode to Liquid Poetry: Tequila Mockingbird

Ode to Liquid Poetry: Tequila Mockingbird

Robert Louis Stevenson so eloquently claimed that, “Wine is bottled poetry.” Though, some may beg to differ while nursing an excruciating hangover the next day. By then, the delicious elixir of liquid poetry has undergone a neuro-chemical transformation, leaving one with the sneaking suspicion that he or she has been whacked up side the head by the wrath of grapes. ...Read More

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